HVAC making recuperation more palatable

So, I found out something new about myself the hard way this past year.

That would be that I’m a terrible patient.

That’s the facts as I see them given amount of time I’ve been a patient this year. I’ve been stuck inside the air conditioning of the hospital or my house for almost a year now. Maybe they call people patients because healing from traumatic injury takes an extraordinary amount of patience. All this HVAC heating and cooling I’ve been stuck inside is due to pretty terrible car wreck. Truly, I was fortunate to survive. But for a long time, I felt anything but fortunate. The recovery process has been brutal. Between the pain, the boredom and trying to stay positive, it’s been a very long process. However, I’m going to go back to the zone controlled HVAC of the office for the first time next month. That’s pretty amazing that I haven’t set foot in that zone controlled HVAC comfort in over a year now. I’ve been able to do some work for the last 6 months from home. That has actually been a bit of a godsend. Another big part of my recovery has been the smart thermostat in my house. That sounds sort of crazy that a thermostat would allow me to heal more comfortably. But the fact is that I’ve been immobile for much of a year so having the smart thermostat app on my phone allowed me to adjust the air conditioning from my bed. It’s the little details like that which go such a long way when your recovering from the sort of injuries that I sustained.

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