Taking care of the air conditioning in the winter

Where we live, the winter weather is for sure the main focus when it comes to anything HVAC.

We have a great big gas furnace that provides all the HVAC heating we need.

And believe me, up here, we need all the HVAC heating we can get that’s for sure. The cold here can be overwhelming. And the fact that it lasts for month after month makes life challenging. But with all the heating provided by the gas furnace, we get through every year. However, it’s not like we just set the thermostat and move on with our lives. There is plenty of preparation to the house and to the HVAC equipment that has to be done prior to the winter weather setting in for all those months. And this year, I got to add one more thing to the list when it comes to winter preparations. I now cover up the HVAC cabinet that sits outside of the house. There is a hard plastic cover that I place over the HVAC equipment. This cover protects the HVAC equipment from the weight of ice and snow among other things. Well, this is a first for me as we’ve never had central air conditioning before. But I surprised my wife with it last spring. She’s been getting mighty uncomfortable the last few summers so I though it was time for more than a window air conditioner. I have to say that I’ve been really impressed with the central air conditioning. I like that my wife is happy but I found that I really enjoyed it as well.

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