Winter or summer, it’s all heat pump

I’ve lived in regions where the winter was brutal.

And believe me, when my work obligation was finished, I got out of there.

I don’t do so well with that sort of winter. Every time I’ve lived through one of those, I’ve had a gas furnace or a boiler system for HVAC heating. And man, I wore those things out. I don’t even want to reveal how much I spent during those winters on HVAC heating costs. I’d probably be driving a much nicer car if I could have eased up on the thermostat back then. But now, I’m settled for good and that moving around the country for my career is over. My wife and I have a great place and are raising some great kids. When we first moved here, we had to do some renovations in order for the house to be livable. One of the first thing we tackled was the heating and cooling equipment. While we don’t deal with brutal winters, we still have a winter. My wife and I talked to the HVAC company about how we like to stay warm and whether or not the heat pump would do the job. He assured us that the latest in residential HVAC heat pump would be more than enough for our winters. So we went with that. I have to admit that the HVAC contractor was right on the money when it comes to our heat pump. No matter the season, I can always rely on the HVAC heat pump when it comes to our heating and cooling needs.

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