Gas furnace came to my rescue this winter

So the dollar signs ended up making me tell myself that everything else would all work out just fine.

Every time I thought about what it would be like to live where there was a tough, cold winter, I thought about the paycheck. That’s because the new position with the company was not only a career track position but came with a lot more money. Plus, this was the first big promotion job of my career. I figured it might be cold but there was zone controlled HVAC in that new office which was another selling point. What I didn’t realize until I got myself in that office was that I would need to put a space heater under my desk just to deal with the winter. I’m from a region of the country where HVAC heating is a bit of an after thought. You see people breaking out coats when the temperature gets south of 60 degrees. So I was completely unprepared for the sort of winter I ended up getting hit with. It was already cooling off when I got up here in October. That was the first bit of rude awakening. But my house had a new gas furnace so I was counting on that. Wow, it’s now February and I feel like this dang winter just isn’t ever going to end. I’ve never spent so much time inside my house with the HVAC heating on in my entire life combined as I have this winter. That gas furnace has been my hero this first winter. I’m thankful to have had it because I just don’t know that I could have dealt with anything less than great HVAC heating.


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