An HVAC tweak results in just superb heating and cooling

We’ve been through a heck of a lot this past couple of years.

And my family has handled all the adversity with a mixture of patience and humor.

There’s not a much better way to approach the way the last couple of years has gone down. Just being cooped up inside the air conditioning together was a bit worrisome to me at the outset of the pandemic. I wasn’t so sure how we’d all get along being together that much. Shoot, we could hardly agree on a TV program or the thermostat setting so I was a bit scared. Then my wife and I had to figure out just how to deal with the pay cuts we had to absorb for 2020. And on and on it went. But through it all, my family really stuck together. Where I thought there would be tumult, there was compassion and patience. The kids were even good to each other. I was amazed. We’re certainly in a better space now but the new normal still seems to awfully elusive. My wife and I are both back at work in the zone controlled HVAC of our respective offices. The kids are masked up and going to school and we’re all vaccinated. Still, we are a bit limited with some of the stuff we want to do because of the high number of Covid cases in our region. So as a bit of a treat, I called the HVAC company to have them come out and tweak our HVAC equipment. The idea was to have the HVAC company provide our house with that zone controlled HVAC my wife and I enjoy in our offices. And it turned out to be everything I had hoped it’d be.


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