Certified HVAC specialist can tell us what we need

My family has a summer house by the lake and we like it.

It is a bit old and we are needing to do a bit of house renovation to repair it and make it better, but one of the main things we need to do is to replace the central heating and A/C unit.

Shopping for a brand new central heating and A/C equipment is going to be the real challenge since we need particular measurements and such to make the HVAC equipment work in the warm season home,we will need to contact our local heat and cooling system supplier and have a certified heating and cooling specialist come out and tell us what we need. This is also going to require us to make a trip up to the warm season house in the dead cold of winter! We will plan on doing this and just have to stay at a hotel in the section because without a working central heating and A/C equipment it is not really safe to stay in the house because of how cold and chilly it gets! We need to get this done immediately, so we plan on going up there this coming weekend and contacting the heat and cooling system supplier ahead of time to set up the HVAC appointment to have the certified heat and cooling system specialist look over things and let us know what central heating and cooling equipment will work best for us and the build of the actual home. A daunting job all together however it must be done, so we will do it.

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