Not that she didn't know how to use the thermostat, but she couldn't see it.

I walked into my sister’s house, and she sat on her couch with blankets wrapped all around her.

I looked at her shivering, and I had to chuckle.

I asked her why she didn’t just get up and change the setting on the thermostat, and instead of having the air conditioning set at 65. She told me her son had set the thermostat at 65 when she went to bed at night, and forgot to turn it back up before he went to work in the morning. Once again, I asked her why she didn’t just change a setting on the thermostat instead of shivering. She gave me a dirty look and told me that it wasn’t that she didn’t know how to use the thermostat, but she could not see it. I walked over to the thermostat, and reset it to 74. I was sure that with the thermostat being set at 74°, my sister would soon quit shivering. Instead of saying thank you, she gave me a dirty look. She said now I had ruined all of her plans to make her son feel guilty. She is hoping he would’ve walked into the house before I did, saw her shivering, and realized that he had forgotten to change the setting on the thermostat before going to work. She hoped he would feel so guilty with her having to sit in the chair underneath blankets all day long, that he would remember to never do that again. Although she said she loved me, she told me to never touch her thermostat again.

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