Have you ever considered a new line of work?

There are times when professionals come to my house and I just want to ask them if they have ever considered a different line of work? It irks me when you have an electrician, plumber, or HVAC technician who takes his good old-fashioned time getting a job done, just to find out that it hadn’t been done correctly.

We had an HVAC technician come to our house last week to service our furnace.

At first he acted like he really wanted to be there, but that attitude didn’t last very long. After about 15 minutes, I could hear him grumbling in the basement, and every once in a while I heard a loud hit as something was slammed against my furnace. My husband went downstairs and without me even saying something, he asked him if he had ever considered another line of work? For several minutes, I heard nothing. My husband wasn’t talking, the HVAC Tech wasn’t talking, and there were no sounds of work being done. When I finally heard any voices, it was that of the HVAC Tech. He said no one had ever asked that question and he had to think it over before answering. He had considered a different career at one point, but he decided that he liked HVAC work best. After that, I could hear my husband in the HVAC technician discussing all kinds of things. I don’t think that would’ve happened had I been I I screwed up your someplace that got so many different words that are where I put them going down and asking them any questions instead of my husband.

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