I thought our HVAC technician was having a stroke.

I heard the HVAC service van pull up into the driveway, and knowing that I was expecting to have my AC unit inspected that morning, I didn’t pay attention to them when he got out of the van.

About an hour after I heard the service van pull into my driveway, I realized that I hadn’t seen anyone over by the AC unit.

I looked outside and saw the HVAC technician laying on the ground, he looked like his arms were at an odd position, and I heard mumbles coming out of his mouth. My first thought was that he had had a stroke, or was having a stroke at that moment. I called the HVAC company and told them what was going on outside and asked if they wanted me to call an ambulance? The receptionist said they would appreciate it, and they would have someone over to my house within 10 minutes. When the second HVAC service van showed up at my house, they parked right in front of the house. The HVAC technician in the backyard didn’t even notice they had pulled in. It wasn’t until the ambulance showed up with its sirens blowing that the original HVAC Tech showed any signs of moving. The owner of the HVAC company went around back to check on them and that’s when I heard the yelling. The HVAC technician told him that he had been listening to a song, but Lessie said he couldn’t understand the words. He hadn’t realized he’d been sitting there for almost an hour, until he heard the ambulance and saw his boss, the HVAC company owner, coming around the corner. I wish I knew what happened after they all left

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