He poured his ice cream into the air vent and everyone noticed.

Every time my son gets ice cream, he has to share it with our dog.

Because of this, we always give him a little extra on his ice cream cone, or in his dish.

For some reason, our dog wasn’t in the mood for ice cream last week. Instead of our son eating all the ice cream, he dumped the melted leftover into the air vent. It only took a couple days before we knew what he had done. The smell of sour milk permeated the house every time the heat turned on. The odor was so bad that I didn’t know how I was going to allow my sister to bring her daughter over for a play date. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the chance to come up with an excuse, because she showed up an hour early. Normally I would have loved the extra time with my sister, but not today. I was too interested in getting the air vent cover off the air duct so I could clean up the mess inside. When she walked in the house, I could hear her chuckle. She said the same thing had happened at her house last week. Her daughter was tired of the chocolate milk she was given at lunch, and dumped the entire glass of chocolate milk into the air vent. Her first thought was to scream, but she did just what I was doing instead. She had to take the air vent cover off and scrub the air duct, while hoping she got all the residue. Then she laughed and said it still didn’t get rid of the smell of spoiled milk.

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