A good HVAC warranty is a registered one

I found my wife to tell her this bit of news and she just grinned at me

I normally do my best to do exactly what someone like an HVAC contractor suggests when it comes to something like HVAC equipment. And so you’d figure that I’d be really attentive when the HVAC contractor was giving us the wrap up after installing the new HVAC unit. Instead, I was just sort of nodding along because all I could think about was the HVAC technology. I’m sort of a nerd when it comes to tech stuff. And tech gadgets can definitely end up being a bit of catnip for me. So when the HVAC contractor was going over the final instructions before heading back to the HVAC company, something slipped in apparently. I guess I subconsciously heard something about HVAC warranty being void in 90 days. The rest of the stuff I pretty much tuned out. So sitting at my desk at work, that HVAC warranty memory fragment was really chaffing at my mind. And I don’t know about you but once that mind chaffing starts, it only gets worse. So by the time I got home, I was fairly out of my mind. Over the hours at work inside the zone controlled HVAC of the office, I pieced together the memory. The HVAC contractor was telling us that the warranty for the new HVAC equipment had to be registered within the first 90 days or it would be void. I found my wife to tell her this bit of news and she just grinned at me. Here I was all lit up and crazy over the HVAC warranty a couple of months late and she had taken care of it the very next day.


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