Im lucky to have such a great friend to help me

Now that it’s 2 in the afternoon, I’m going for a bicycle ride along the Mediterranean Sea coast.

  • I am so lucky to live two minutes from this beautiful sea! I live in a small quaint beach city and it is the best city I have ever lived in.

It would be totally fine to stay here for the rest of my life. What is my perfect life? I have a loving woman, a few great friends, and a passion pursuit that fills my soul. That is what I will create. I am also creating a new HVAC component since our old one is on the fritz. Well, it’s not exactly creating a new component, but I am getting someone who knows what they are doing to install it for me. I’m fortunate to have a great neighbor who is an HVAC specialist and he agreed to install the component if I help him with the labor and a few drinks. I’ve known him for multiple years and we have helped each other many times, that’s what friends are for. A few weeks ago he was installing a zoned HVAC plan in a lake house and needed our help, which I kindly gave. He’s been a great neighbor of mine and I legitimately like having someone so nice in my life. He knows everything about heat and A/C products and gives me discounts on anything I need for the cooling system component in our flat. What a fortunate person I have been with finding great friends.

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