The ductwork cleaning solved our air quality issue

I was glad to see my wife was happy when I bought her a shark vacuum.

We were having a bit of a dust problem in the house, and I thought it would help somehow.

Well, even after she took care of the vacuuming and dusting, dust was still flying around the house. I even decided to buy another vacuum but this one was a dyson with allergy and pet dander control. I thought this would help since we had a couple of cats and I didn’t even think about the pet dander. I paid a lot of money for that vacuum and my wife thought I was crazy even though she loves both vacuums now and put her old one in the basement. The air quality improved a little with the allergy control, but it wasn’t fully doing the job. My wife told me the ductwork was pretty dirty and maybe we could have an HVAC professional take care of that for us. So I ended up on the phone with a local HVAC company and told them about the issue we were having with air quality in our home. The HVAC expert came out and told us we needed ductwork cleaning. He checked all the ductwork and said we should also think about getting the ductwork resealed in the near future because he suspected it would develop leakage, even though there were no leaks at that moment. So we had the ductwork cleaned and I couldn’t believe the difference. The air quality improved so much, you would have thought we were using a HEPA filter.

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