The best HVAC company isn’t always the one with the reviews

When I moved into a new area, 1 of the first things I had to do was find a nice heating plus air conditioning company.

I checked the reviews for more than two different companies in the immediate area; everything else was too far away, well, 2 of the companies had pretty bad reviews plus I thought I better steer clear of those sites… Then the last heating plus air conditioning company I checked had awesome reviews, so I thought that was the obvious choice.

When I had the heating plus air conditioning expert over, he wasn’t friendly, didn’t explain what he was doing, and didn’t test the heating plus air conditioning after he was done. I’m sure he never bothered to touch the temperature control. I don’t know how other people had glowing experiences with this company, but it definitely wasn’t the 1… Especially because our heating plus air conditioning had problems still after this supposed heating plus air conditioning expert left. I decided to just go with 1 of the other companies, it was basically a toss up plus I was expecting to be disappointed. This guy who they sent out reminded me of an old acquaintance of mine… He was genuinely nice, provided energy tips plus other advice, plus he never left us in the dark about what he was doing. The other guy acted like somebody who could not be trusted plus he didn’t get nice results. This new guy though had the heating plus air conditioning cleaned out plus everything. He laughed when all of us said all of us just had another heating plus air conditioning expert come out, plus he said, “Some expert!” as he pointed out all the things that guy didn’t bother to do, not even checking the air duct which was plugged up pretty bad. Every one of us got the air duct cleaned plus even a few worn parts swapped out. The heating plus air conditioning component had no problems after that plus I made sure to write a positive review for this heating plus air conditioning company!

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