Finally getting a/c

For a long time, I didn’t get a central air conditioner.

The summers don’t last all that long in our local area… All of us deal with seriously long, frigid and brutal Wintertide seasons.

The temperature frequently goes into the negative digits and the oil furnace runs just about non stop for more than 1/2 the year. The expense of heating the lake home is huge. It’s necessary to keep the home sealed up as tightly as possible to prevent energy waste. The indoor air becomes honestly stale, stuffy and dry. I am always upset about the milder weather to arrive and the option to open the windows. I saw no need to invest a great deal of money into a whole-home air conditioner system. I was unwilling to close the windows and spend our money on electric bills over the summer. I felt the people I was with and I could get by with some window units and portable fans! My wife was not excited with this arrangement. She hated the look of the window air conditioner systems and was worried about safety due to the open windows. She complained that the box fans stirred up dust, circulated air contaminants and caused health concerns! When it was time to swap out the oil furnace, I asked about central cooling, but because the more than one systems share certain components, the update wasn’t overly extravagant, but the manufacturer was offering a rebate and the Heating and A/C business was running a special that saved us some money. Once the air conditioner system was set up, I was shocked by the improvement in the comfort, cleanliness and even the smell of our house.

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