Humidifier pays for itself

Living in the northeastern part of the country, the winter season is a priority and a challenge.

The cold weather lasts for the majority of the year.

We expect to run the furnace for approximately eight months and face temperatures down to negative twenty degrees. During the winter, the outdoor air is naturally very dry. Inside the house, the lack of humidity is worsened by the constant operation of the furnace. The air becomes so dry that we get a shock every time we walk across the carpet. Insufficient moisture in the air causes a lot of problems. It can dry out hardwood floors, furnishings, antiques and instruments and result in damage. It dries out nasal passages and makes my family more susceptible to respiratory infection. Dry air aggravates symptoms of allergies, asthma, eczema and psoriasis. It can be blamed for headaches, sore throat, itchy eyes, chapped lips and difficulty sleeping. Plus, overly dry air feels colder than properly moisturized air, leading to higher thermostat settings. The furnace is then forced to work harder, run more often and eat up more energy. I end up paying higher energy bills for inferior comfort. I finally invested into a whole-home humidifier. I chose a steam-style humidifier to handle the size of my home. The system works by converting water into steam and introducing the moisture into the air as it passes through the ductwork. The whole house feels more comfortable and warmer. I’ve been able to lower the thermostat setting by several degrees. The cost of the humidifier has been offset by the savings on my heating bills.


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