High-velocity HVAC is an ideal solution for older homes

There was a time when older homes lacking conventional ductwork were limited for heating and cooling options.

Homeowners either struggled with space heaters and window air conditioners or faced the gigantic mess and expense of installing a duct system.

In some cases, ductwork isn’t possible due to historical or architectural integrity. In recent years, a system has been developed specifically to accommodate the specialized needs of older homes. High-velocity heating and cooling systems are able to be retrofitted without causing disruption. The beauty of this innovation is the mini-ducts. The ductwork is only two-inches in diameter and flexible. It can be snaked through existing walls, around studs, outlet boxes and plumbing pipes. There is a wide selection of vents that are circular, only six inches wide and available in a wide variety of styles. The heating/cooling equipment is especially compact and can be installed into the attic or a closet. The high velocity system sends heated or cooled air into the rooms at an extremely high rate of speed, creating a slight suction. This process of aspiration mixes old and new air rapidly to raise or lower temperatures very quickly. Because the system doesn’t need to run very long to achieve desired comfort levels, it doesn’t cost much to run. Plus, the ducts are smaller and insulated to minimize energy waste and sound levels. These advanced systems are clean, quiet, efficient and provide both heating and cooling capacity. Modern high-velocity systems feature advanced controls that allow wireless connection and remote adjustment. This fairly recent technology offers homeowners a rewarding and conventional solution to whole-home comfort.
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