We were invited to the cookout after efficiently executing the boiler repairs

It was a rainy Friday afternoon and most people had gone home for the weekend.

It was going to be a long weekend because it was Thanksgiving on Monday.

We were driving to a customer’s house to check on his new HVAC before the holiday. He had called the heating corp requesting information on more about heating. His boiler was making weird noises and he had noticed the surfaces in the house were dustier than usual. Our team was made up of very qualified heating technicians and we also had heating provider’s contacts in case we needed to replace the furnace filters or any other component of the central heating. The rain continued pouring violently but we continued working. Our motto was to always leave the customer fully satisfied. Fortunately, the house had a beautiful fireplace that kept the family warm throughout the rain. It was uncommon that they had a dial thermostat as we did not see a lot of those regulators these days. The home comfort business had furnace filters for sale and we took advantage of the sale and got a dozen filters for future use. The business was also running a heater for sale promotion. We worked straight for a few hours. Finally done with the boiler repairs we prepared to leave. The preparation involved cleaning our workspace to leave the home clean and tidy. The family was happy to have the quality of indoor comfort increased and they even invited us for a Thanksgiving cookout. We showed up at the cookout and the family was excited and honored that we came. The cookout was amazing and the food was phenomenal.

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