The current study room used to be a garage

The current study room in our condo used to be our garage.

We decided that both of us were gonna put on an addition a couple of years ago when both of us got pregnant with twins.

We already had numerous other youngsters and 2 massive pets and so at that point it just seemed love the right thing to do. It took us a long time to get around to absolutely putting the addition on, because it takes currency to ride the train as my Mom always says. We had to save up a lot of currency in order to put on the addition and to put in the kind of heating and cooling idea that both of us wanted to have. The heating and cooling idea was the most expensive section of the whole addition because both of us had to run all current HVAC duct out to it. Not only that, but both of us also had to put in an additional thermostat unit and add another oil furnace and another air conditioner… Our existing Heating and A/C idea in the other section of the condo was not able to handle the load of the current additional square footage; And since it wasn’t exactly an option to not have heating and cooling in the garage that both of us turned into a big study room, both of us had to do something about it! Now it’s weird for people who knew us before to come over to hang out because they realize that they are sitting where our cars used to park. I know it is a little bit weird, but I like the airy openness of the current space.



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