My husband and I met online

My husband and I met online years ago and we never really thought about where we might end up living if we ended up together.

  • We were just so enamored of each other at that point, we could have lived in a cardboard box and we wouldn’t have cared.

We just wanted to be close to each other. At one point, we decided that I was going to go and live with him at his house because he owned his house and I was just living in a rental at that point. It just made a lot more sense for me to go live with him there than for him to come and live with me. However, I didn’t do very much asking about the place where he lived at that point because I just wanted to be around him. Little did I know that where he lived was freezing cold all the time. I’m used to being warmer and living in a hotter area but he’s in a very cold climate. If I had only known about that sooner, I may have invited him to come and live with me instead! We’ve been married for about three years now, and I think I have been warm maybe once the whole time that I have been living here! I’m constantly turning up the thermostat in the house, but I can never seem to get warm enough. My husband actually installed a gas log fireplace for me last year for Christmas because he thought that it would help me with my constant coldness. This year, we’re talking about installing radiant heated flooring in the kitchen and the bathrooms.



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