I hurt myself whenever I was trying to clean out the attic

I hurt myself whenever I was trying to clean out the attic at my grandma’s house.

I guess that that old saying that no good deed goes unpunished is actually true.

Here I was, home from college for my winter break, and I went over to visit my grandma to try and help her out for the weekend. None of my other cousins were there trying to help our grandma out, but I was! We started out cleaning the basement, and that took a really long time, but we finished it and we decided to go ahead and start on the attic. That’s because the weather is really cooling off around here and my grandma really wanted to get the attic finished. She was actually looking for her old electric space heaters that she had put away somewhere and she could not find them. When we did not find the space heaters down in the basement, that’s when she decided that we needed to look in the attic too. I just bit my tongue and told her that I would help. Believe me, I was really on the lookout for the space heaters because I knew as soon as we found them that we could stop messing around in the attic. However, my happiness when I saw one of the space heaters was short-lived because I picked it up and headed over to the attic stairs with it. That’s when I tripped and fell and landed right on top of the space heater! It hit me right in the ribs and knocked the breath right out of me. I ended up having to go to the hospital and I have two cracked ribs!


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