I remember a dance where I got sick and threw up on a girl’s shoes

There was a memorable university dance I went to back in high university where the heating idea went on the fritz.

Suddenly, the heating idea seemed love it was blasting out heat and couldn’t be stopped.

I complained to whoever I could that it was way too warm in the place, then regardless of that fact, people still managed to love themselves and weird ladies kept asking me to dance. I wanted to say no after awhile because the heating was just too much for me to take. Honestly, I get kind of sick when there’s too much heating, I’m not exactly sure about the reason behind that. Still, I had to run outside a bunch of times in order to cool down and after that I would go back inside. The last girl who asked me to dance, she was a unbelievable dancer and I felt terrible when I threw up on her shoes! I mean, I knew I was feeling queasy, but she insisted that I get out there on the dance floor. With that enthusiasm, I had to do something even though no Heating and A/C professional arrived to service the complication with the heating system. It wasn’t until about an hour later when an Heating and A/C professional arrived and I was cheerful about that. Unluckyly, there was only a single more hour left at this dance and I think a lot of the ladies decided to stay clear of me after they witnessed me throwing up on somebody’s shoes! I was sleepy of dancing anyway, so I wasn’t disappointed and I felt much better when the heating idea was shut off briefly and the temperatures went back to normal.

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