Keeping it coming with different ethnic foods with improved climate control comfort

My wife has always been a fine cook.

I have even told her over the years that she should consider opening up her own restaurant.

She always laughed and said she’d have everybody coming over for her delicious meals. Well, she has a lot of secret family recipes that have been passed down. The thing is, she doesn’t follow the recipes as they are written, she adds her own flavor and spices to make it her own, and hers is usually better than the original! I’ve asked her to make new and interesting dishes because I was hoping to try some ethnic cuisines. Not to mention, I knew that with her experience cooking new and exciting dishes, she might even be able to feature those same dishes in her restaurant one day. We had all kinds of good food she made more recently like Souvlaki which is a Greek cuisine and it’s absolutely delicious. We’ve tried other foods like Chicken Tikka Masala which is Indian and we even had Chinese dumplings were were fantastic. With all this cooking going on, my wife was saying it was becoming overheated in the kitchen. I realized that we needed better air conditioning to keep the temperatures even throughout the household. I called the HVAC company and they suggested installing a ventilation system and upgrading our climate control system to HVAC zone control. It was rather costly to have these HVAC components, but it was worth it in the end because my wife was comfortable while cooking, and the amazing dishes just kept on coming!
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