The New Technology Making HVAC Easier

As humanity grows and advances, there are countless technological advances that have now become parts of our daily lives.

We might wake up and brush our teeth with electric toothbrushes, pull out our smartphones to check our emails, eventually commute to work in a car that might be far more advanced than anything our grandparents would have used in their days growing up, and settle down in our offices or cubicles with laptops and computers that seem to only be getting more convoluted and high-tech.

All of these areas of our lives (hygiene, travel, work, etc.) are extremely important to us, so it makes sense that we’d develop technology to advance those fields further. Likewise, since comfort and temperature are both highly important to us as human beings, the HVAC industry has undergone a lot of technological advancements. For example, a beloved advancement in HVAC technology is the smart thermostat, which allows the user to adjust the temperature of their thermostat from their smartphone— something which proves to be highly convenient and time-saving. Another (newer) advancement within the HVAC industry is the use of ‘sensory-enhanced vents,’ or vents that can be controlled through the use of smart sensors that gather and transmit climate data in every room. Once the data is gathered, it is sent to an app that coordinates each vent in an effort to direct the airflow of cooling and heating. All in all, the HVAC industry has been going through countless technological advancements, and the result is a comfortable home with accessible heating and cooling at your fingertips!

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