The charcoal filters in our a/c knock down the smell from our pets

It was normal for me growing up in a house with lots of pets that were rarely bathed.

I’m sure the house had a strong smell to anyone coming in from outside for the unquestionably first time, but it was as normal to me as the stink of candles is to someone who burns them biweekly.

In fact, you quickly forget there’s even an smell there at all. I know embarrassed now remembering the times I would invite a date over to our house without realizing that they were easily put off by the intense pet smell. After I moved out, I lived free of pets for years until I met our new guy. He has more than 2 pets and was concerned that I would be sad by this when every one of us were out on our first date. Although I was technically free of pets at the time, I told him that I enjoyed pets intensely and had a house full of them growing up. This brought us closer together and I was delighted to be around pets again when he graciously asked me to move in with him a year later. However, unlike me during childhood, he was aware that his pets gave off their normal smell for their species. It’s not necessarily unpleasant if they’re correctly bathed, but he still asked for our advice regarding the issue. I looked around and that’s how I found charcoal-coated air conditioner and oil furnace filters. There are mentions of these special HVAC filters on more than 2 of the biggest pet forums on the internet. Since they’re available at most of the local supercenters in our area, I pulled the trigger on the filter and was pleasantly surprised with the results. The charcoal-coated a/c filters do not completely detach all of our pet smells, but they make a sizable difference.

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