Using radiant foil insulation in my attic to retain heat during cold weather

I learned a few tricks over the years working for my brother-in-law’s construction business.

He gave me a job when I was in a tough position following the dissolution of my failed attempt at creating a company of my own.

He needed an assistant in the office to show some of his employees the ropes as new ones were being hired for various behind-the-desk positions. Some of these people worked in sales while others were only scheduling or front desk employees. Although he hired me so his employees could learn from me, I feel like I learned more than anyone else from our employment arrangement. Everyday I was able to chat with some of the smartest and most experienced contractors that I have ever met. These guys would tell me about the best glass companies for impact-resistant windows and the most affordable lumber yards for home remodeling projects. But my favorite home maintenance tip that I learned while working for my brother-in-law’s company was the use of reflective radiant-foil insulation that comes rolled up in varying widths and dimensions. They told me to use it along the walls and ceiling of my attic to reflect rising heat during the winter and push it back into the house. On top of the insulative capabilities during winter, they also reflect a lot of radiant heat generated from the sun’s UV rays during the hot summer seasons here. I have already improved my home’s energy efficiency and all I had to do was buy a few rolls of that amazing foil insulation sheeting from the hardware store.

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