Let me make a deal with you?

My father was one of these people who did not suppose in paying full price for anything.All of us went into a eating establishment one afternoon, plus he tried to make a deal with the waitress.

He wanted to get his meal cheaper since he was a senior. She told him that he could always order from the senior menu, but he wanted a full size meal for the senior price, which he could not get. Last week, he was told that he needed a new HVAC plan for his house. I told Mom that the HVAC supplier would give him the best price they could, plus that he should not try to force them to change their prices just for him. I was at the house when the HVAC professional arrived. He inspected the entire HVAC plan to see exactly what needed to be replaced plus what could be repaired. He told Mom that the ductwork was able to be used, but it needed to be repaired plus cleaned well. The gas furnace plus the cooling system had to be replaced. I could see it in his eyep the hour he heard the words replace plus repair. He was ready to wheel plus deal. The HVAC Tech told him that he was not the man to try to make a deal with, plus he would have to talk to the owner of the HVAC supplier. Before the young professional left, Mom had him make the call plus set up an appointment for him to speak to the owner of the supplier. He was planning on getting a deal on the gas furnace plus cooling system, plus getting a free maintenance agreement plus free installation. I could only wish him luck

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