If I were queen, I would not have to clean up this mess.

From the time I was a young girl, I would play a game in my head.

  • I used to tell my mom that if I were a queen I would not have to clean my own bedroom.

I wouldn’t have to help her with dishes if I were queen. She once told me that if she were queen, she wouldn’t have to listen to me complaining all the time because I’d be raised by an au pair instead of by her. She would then tousle my hair, kiss my forehead, and walk away. Now I am grown, and there are still times when I wish I were queen. Last month I had one of those times. I had called the HVAC company and asked them to come in and install a new air conditioning unit for me. I have been needing a new AC unit for the last two years, and I’ve finally saved enough money to purchase it. The HVAC company offered free installation when I paid cash for the AC unit. It took two weeks for the AC unit to be ordered, delivered, and installed. I came home from work expecting to see my brand-new air conditioning in place, and relaxing in the air conditioning. Instead, I saw my brand-new air conditioner in place, and all the debris from the packing strewn all over the yard. I had just put in a 10 hour day, and now I had to spend another half hour cleaning up the mess the HVAC Tech had made. I looked around the yard and said to myself, if I were queen, I would not have to clean up this mess.

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