I cried when they took away my AC unit.

I was a very emotional little girl.

Anytime anything was changed in my home, I would cry.

I tend to become attached to inanimate objects, and I can’t let them go even when they are broken. My husband told me that if I didn’t start throwing things away, I would become a hoarder. I remember watching the shows about hoarders, and I refused to be one of them. I began picking up things in the house and around the house and putting it in the trash. The hardest thing I had tried to give away was the air conditioning unit. That AC unit had been in the house ever since my husband and I bought it. It was like a part of us, since it was a part of our home. Last year, we put a brand-new HVAC system in our home. I never saw the furnace, because I didn’t go into the basement very often. The furnace had its own room, and the only one that went into that room was my husband and the HVAC technician when he came to repair it. However, I was working in my backyard all the time and the air conditioning unit was always there to keep me company. I know it sounds silly, but when the HVAC company removed the old air conditioner and put in the new one, I couldn’t give it away. I had them put it in the backyard where no one else could see it except myself. I planted flowers around that old AC unit and it soon became a part of our yard. When my husband told me I had to get rid of the AC unit, I cried.

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