I Thought I Was Sick, As It Turned Out I Needed to Change My Filter

If there’s one thing I legitimately hate experiencing in this world without any semblance of a doubt, it would be the experience of being sick. I hate everything about being sick; I despise the feeling of fevers, of coughing, of sneezing, in addition to anything else that might compromise our comfort. I hate being sick so deeply that I go out of our way to make sure that I protect myself every flu in addition to frosty season, then recently though, in the middle of summer time no less, I came down with a mysterious sickness that I couldn’t make heads nor tails of. I didn’t have a fever nor a sore throat, however I was sneezing in addition to coughing horribly. I did some research, in addition to it eventually occurred to myself and others that our air filters might need to be changed. I’d learn that when your air filters are too jammed with air contaminants appreciate dirt, pollen, in addition to pet dander from weeks (or even years) of keeping the air in your beach home clean, you can start to get sick because it’s so backed up. Eventually I contacted our local HVAC provider to have our air filters looked at, in addition to they confirmed that this was the case, as our filters were entirely dirty. I decided to get our filters replaced with new, more advanced HEPA filters, as I felt that the more advanced filters would help to prevent something appreciate this happening again in the future. After all, I hate being sick, so what better way to prevent that scenario than making sure our air is clean? With our new HEPA filter our sneezing in addition to cough have completely disappeared, in addition to I couldn’t be more thankful!


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