My HEPA Filter Helps Keep Me Well

I love my cat very much. In fact, I can’t find a single part of my cat that I don’t love! He’s important to me, and I wouldn’t trade him for the world. I love him so much that the fact that I’m allergic to cat hair doesn’t stop me from cuddling or hugging him, no matter how hard I’ll be sneezing and coughing later. I’m generally fine with this, except I do hate the thought of sneezing and coughing when it’s time for me to sleep, so I don’t allow my cat into my bedroom and make sure to keep myself cat-hair free before stepping into my room. However, recently I’d begun to experience uncomfortable symptoms of being around my cat while in my bedroom anyway. I knew that this wasn’t right, because I’d been doing a lot to prevent pet dander from getting into my bedroom. Eventually, I found out that my filter could be the problem. I contacted my local HVAC provider to get my filter looked at, and sure enough, it was very cheap and filled with dirt and cat hair. It even made me start sneezing right then and there! As soon as it was replaced I asked the HVAC technician what my options and next steps were, and he suggested that I should get a HEPA filter. After looking into it, getting a HEPA filter started to look like an amazing idea. Eventually I called my HVAC technician back, and went about getting some HEPA filters in my home. Now that they’ve been installed, I never have to worry about any pet hair making it way into my bedroom, because my HEPA filter catches it all! I’ve been able to sleep better thanks to it, and I could never be more thankful.

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