I did not believe too much about fireplaces at first

I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t believe much about fireplaces, but I l received a lot after I obtained a lake cabin that has a nice fireplace.

For starters, I did not believe that you’re supposed to have the fireplace cleaned thoroughly every year.

This is to prevent all the creosote buildup that can cause chimney fires. The firewood naturally releases the creosote plus there’s nothing you can do other than to keep everything cleaned. It was funny when I first tried to build a fire in the fireplace, our spouse had to ask what in the world I thought I was doing. I was building it teepee type like I did back when I was in boy scouts. She said I couldn’t build the fire like that, it would truly tip over plus possibly cause a fire in the house. I don’t believe what I was thinking plus not to mention, there was a fireplace grate that is used for holding the wood so there is reasonable oxygen flow to keep the fire going plus not produce too much smoke, and my spouse was the 1 who showed me how to stack the logs appropriately because she was raised in a lake cabin that had a fireplace. She said she loved our new fireplace plus missed the old 1 that she had while she was growing up. Well, I guess that if we continue to live in this home, our children will learn how nice it is to have a fireplace as well, plus eventually when they move out, they might believe about the memories she shared around the fireplace.

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