Everybody wanted to use the overheated glue gun

With our kids, when one is doing something, the others become interested.

Well, our son was working on a school project making a model of the Pyramids of Giza.

My partner was saying that he should use a overheated glue gun to secure everything, even though I said how that could be dangerous. I said the people I was with and I should just use standard glue. Well, the people I was with and I couldn’t find any glue, even though I did find some floor adhesive which I figured was better than using the overheated glue gun. It was freezing outside, so the people I was with and I were working on the model in front of the fireplace. I also kept decreasing the temperature control settings because one moment I was too freezing and the next I was feeling a little too overheated. I went to take a break and got myself a sandwich and our partner decided to step in. I don’t think what he was thinking but he brought the overheated glue gun over and then our other kids wanted to use the overheated glue gun too for their ‘projects’. They didn’t have any school projects but they wanted to make decorations for the holidays. Our son did pretty well on his Pyramids of Giza project, but the other decorations with our younger children didn’t go so well. Our child made snowmen and our younger son just glued a bunch of colorful pieces of crafting paper onto a poster board. Not only did our younger son get a slight burn from the glue gun, but somehow our partner got a dire burn on his hand when our child squirted overheated glue on his hand by mistake. I had to rest his next to the fireplace while keeping ice on his burn, what a poor situation.

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