The reason why a gas furnace is still more popular than an electric one

If I was to schedule a vacation it would have to be in autumn because it is my favorite season and also work slows down during Fall.

I work as an HVAC repairman and during this time of the year, the number of calls that come in is far less compared to summer and winter.

The past week was more eventful, I had a boiler repair and an oil furnace to service. HVAC Systems that use oil has greatly reduced in recent years. A heat pump was becoming a norm, the number of calls to service an electric heater was increasing by the day. But even then gas is still more popular than an electric furnace. These types of systems were much safer for the environment than the ones that used fossil fuels. Some homeowners are very diligent when it comes to heating maintenance while others do not see the need for annual HVAC maintenance. Regular tune-up and servicing of any type of heating and air-conditioning system including hybrid heating and even hydronic heating systems ensure that they run smoothly and efficiently and the systems do not develop issues that may lead to expensive repairs or the unit running more leading to a spike in your energy bill. You don’t even have to go to a heating business office, all you need is to search for a heating dealership near you and you will be able to contact them at the comfort of your home. A Furnace/heater installation could last up to 30 years if it is well cared for and regularly serviced. The only thing would be adding a heat and AC product that will be needed to replace a worn-out part.