Saving on monthly utility costs with a hybrid heating system

New construction was something we were excited to venture into because we would get to customize the home to our liking.

We did not at the time realize that there was more to it than getting the rooms we wanted and the design of the house.

The type of heating and cooling system was among the major and most important decisions. To make a more informed decision we contacted a heating business for professional advice and also to get the cost of the heat and AC product as well as the service charge for the furnace/heater installation. After consultations with the HVAC repairman, we settled for a hybrid system. This type of system is also referred to as a dual fuel system that combines an electric heat pump with a gas furnace. The electric heater gets to work when it is hot and when it is not so cold but when the temperature plummets the other takes over since it is more efficient and heats the house at such temperatures better than an electric furnace would. We would also include a hydronic heating system in some parts of the house such as the living room and bathrooms. The upfront cost of the hybrid heat pump and installation services according to the figure the heating dealership had shown us was going to be a lot but the investment in terms of how much we would be saving on monthly energy would be worth it. Heating maintenance as usual with all mechanical systems would be a must to avoid things such as a boiler repair now and then. HVAC maintenance would also prolong the lifespan of the system and optimize its running.
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