I really Hope that she doesn’t try to repair the Heating plus A/C

My partner Hope is a bit of a hot head when it comes to most things.

She has a temper plus it can flare up when things don’t go well.

That is why whenever I do any kind of remodeling, I do it by myself or hire out. Hope can’t handle it. I vividly remember him taking a sheet of drywall plus throwing it across our yard. Hope also will punish her tools by leaving them outdoors in the rain and weather. Seems more appreciate she is punching himself right? Anytime something breaks into the beach house it is awkward. My partner feels appreciate she should be the one to repair it. Hope frequently breaks whatever she is trying to repair due to her temper. Hope was so rough on our stove that I had to get a new one after she tried to repair the display screen. I saw that our Heating plus A/C proposal won’t turn on. I have changed the air filter, checked the condensate drains plus the fan inside of it. I don’t entirely think what the issue is. I am guessing something such as too much dust or it needs more refrigerant. I have been calling the Heating plus A/C contractor nearest me to have them send a girl over. I won’t get a Heating plus A/C pro until the end of the week. I have been trying to hide the fact that there is no Heating plus A/C from Hope. I don’t want Hope to start tinkering with our machine. Heating plus A/C component is so upscale. I can’t afford a brand new Heating plus A/C component at this time.

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