Do I have time to get the heating service?

I am getting married in three weeks and going off on my honeymoon. There is so much that I need to do beforehand. I need to get my dress altered one more time. I need to resize my wedding rings and buy better make up for the day. I also need to do all the legal paperwork to get married and pack my bags. I already arranged for my cat to be fed, plants to be watered and the house to be checked on. I have a few appointments that I need to take care of in the three week time though. I have a hair appointment and a dentist appointment. Right now I am messing with my local HVAC company trying to schedule a tune up. I want to get my heating equipment serviced before I leave. It is old, dusty and worn out. It wouldn’t be completely out of the blue if the heater just stopped working. I don’t want to leave and then come back to an expensive heater repair. I also don’t want to leave my cat in an unheated house. It makes sense to get heating service beforehand to ensure that everything is okay. I can get any heater repair they want and have peace of mind knowing the heater is doing okay. I am being greedy and would like to have ductwork cleaning as well. While they are there why wouldn’t I? Three weeks isn’t a whole lot of time when you think about it though. I am running out of time if I want all this done.


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