A heat pump disaster

I made the mistake of hiring a handy guy to install a ductless heat pump in my kitchen.

Since the guy was sometimes subcontracted by a HVAC company, I figured he was legit.

I let the guy choose the ductless heat pump for my kitchen. I told him I wanted it installed on the wall that my old ventless heater used to be. I wanted the outdoor unit not visible from the road. Well I was gone the day the guy did the HVAC installation. He took the money and ran afterwards. The ductless heat pump was installed right above my kitchen windows. It looked terrible! The outdoor unit was clearly seen from the road and I saw visible wiring. I also noticed the way the refrigerant tubes were set up seemed wrong. It seemed like the water that drained from the HVAC would drain into the foundation of my home. That seemed like a really bad idea. The heat pump didn’t even turn on where I could test it. I tried calling the guy, emailing him and finding his house. I never got anywhere. The guy just totally screwed me over and I was out a ton of money. I had to call a real HVAC contractor and that guy was disgusted by the shoddy workmanship. He didn’t even like the heat pump the guy chose for me. The guy ripped it out and redid everything. I am out a ton of money for this project but the end result is good. I did eventually get everything I wanted.

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