I was surprised to learn that compressor dehumidifiers generate a slight amount of heat

I live in an area that is humid for most of the year.

  • Winter time humidity levels are often above 50% outside, but by summer time it reaches 100% at night.

To make matters even worse, outdoor mold levels are high in our area plus can really get into your home plus propagate if you’re not careful or wash enough. I wash officially to prevent these aggravating problems from occurring. But I’ll disclose that vigorous cleaning isn’t always enough. Sometimes you have to look for solutions to prevent the contamination from occurring at all. Since it takes lots of moisture plus humidity inside the home to spread mold, I realized that I needed to reduce it. I asked friends plus family members for advice but none had any clue what I was supposed to do to lower the moisture in our house. Finally, I called our heating plus cooling contractor plus asked them if they had any ideas of their own. The polite person on the iPhone told myself and others that I just needed a dehumidifier plus I could get a single at a local superstore at a reduced rate. That was good news to myself and others because I happen to possess a superstore debit card! I bought the unit plus unboxed it in our kitchen. Following the instruction, I set the unit near a drain in the floor plus ran a drain hose out the back of the dehumidifiers plus down into the opening of our floor drain. This ensures constant running plus no need to empty the bin numerous or many times a day. I was surprised when I put our hand above the air vent for the dehumidifier plus felt slight heat. After doing research, I l gained that it’s normal for a dehumidifier to raise the temperature by a few degrees within a few feet of the machine.

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