A falling tree branch nearly destroyed my window cooling system

Our section has been getting hit with intense Winter time storms right now.

I’m used to the rain storms down south when I lived near the ocean, however the ice and snow is new to me.

I didn’t realize that these Winter time storms can pack a harsh punch between high winds and heavy precipitation. You have to be careful and avoid the scheduled highways if you feel a snow and ice storm is headed your way. Some people aren’t experienced driving on these roads if they don’t live in this kind of weather conditions year after year. I get more worried about other drivers in these stormy conditions than I do with my own. Still, it’s smart to avoid the roads if you are worried about the weather while I was in the Winter time season. Unfortunately, you might not necessarily be safe in your house either. When I heard a sizable snapping noise while I was in a Winter time storm yupterday, I didn’t expect to hear a wood and metal smashing noise just seconds later. Upon running outside, I could see that a immense branch snapped off our oak trees and had destroyed my window cooling system while nearly puncturing my beach house as well. The cooling system was sitting disfigured in a pile of metal on the ground under the broken branch. As aggravated as I was about my window cooling system getting destroyed, I was easily relieved that the branch failed to impact the side of the house. I can get a new window cooling system for around $200, however the building repairs would have been many thoUSnds dollars at least.



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