I knew just what to get Raymond for his coming birthday

My husband Raymond works as an air conditioning worker, and his fortieth birthday was coming up and I wanted to do something special for him after all they say life begins at forty.

He owns part of the local corporation which is an air conditioning supplier.

Since I was a baker I would be baking him a cake that replicated the ductless multi-split machine that he had recently installed in our home. When he had started out as an air conditioning system worker, his call schedule was so packed he was only at the apartment for a few minutes, but if he was not doing an air conditioning repair service he was out working on an air conditioning upgrade and the list went on and on! At one point I remember he switched and decided he would not task on anything that was not a commercial ! That too was not any better, as long as any Heating and A/C machine was involved he was bound to be absolutely busy. Through him, I knew more about air conditioning and air conditioning system service than I ever would have if I was married to a different guy. I can program and set any kind of temperature control from the smart kind to a dial temperature control. He also performed the yearly air conditioning service on the air conditioning at the bakery and always teased me about how I should be paying him large bucks for his services. The surprise gift was going to be a modern air conditioning tool kit he had been raving about for a while and knowing him this would be much better than a trip in Seychelles.


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