Nothing could have prepared me for this kind of poor service from HVAC experts

It had been a year since I had our heating and air conditioning unit installed, the ductless multi-split had been a dream come true.

Before having it installed, I had done a lot of research plus consultations with an A/C worker, plus through all that, I learned more about A/C plus the a single that would serve myself and others best, it was time for the annual A/C repair, so I called the A/C business from the local business to schedule it. I also needed to have our dial control unit updated with a digital single that I could control remotely even from work. The a/c workman came late the following day with the new A/C gadget, when he was doing the repair, I heard a loud bang plus I quickly went to check. I was met by the sight of a blown-up unit, then my jaw almost hit the floor, I could not understand how such a simple air conditioner repair had escalated to the mess that was before me, however on inquiring what was happening, he told myself and others that there was something wrong with the A/C installation. I am not an expert on air conditioning but I was sure the installation was perfectly done plus I pointed out a few things to that effect. When he realized I was not as clueless as he anticipated, he said that he specialized in a commercial A/C plan plus since they were currently short-staffed he was located on home calls for the day. I called the business plus briefed them on what was happening! They called back the guy plus sent another a single to finish the task plus for an A/C repair repair to repair what the other had messed up.


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