Getting a new HVAC system for the ice cream factory

Working in an ice cream factory was nothing close to what I thought it was as a child, however my niece has the same idea, that we should make, pack and eat ice cream all afternoon! The eight-year-old was so gleeful to go with me to work on a Saturday! Other than taking the little miss to work, I was also expecting the air conditioning supplier to bring in the new air conditioning equipment.

The heat pump had blown up the previous night and after some considerations and discussions with the air conditioning corporation, we had decided that getting a new Heating as well as Air Conditioning equipment in the production and packaging areas was the best way to go.

The offices had ductless multi-split units and they were in nice condition because we ensured air conditioning repair every year. The cooling system workman and her crew came honestly early to install the commercial air conditioning, however she also told us more about air conditioning and ways to prevent breakdowns in the future, then i also asked him for her a/c service card because I need air conditioning repair service for our equipment back at house because our dial thermostat was broken, it seemed to be stuck in one setting however much I tried to turn it. The local company when it comes to a/c had entirely grown and you could get any type of air conditioning installation. This has really improved the time we have to wait for the services, especially in summer time and winter. After I was done inspecting the job I got back to my colleague who was watching over her. We had the ice cream she had been waiting for all afternoon.

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