Additional duct sealing made the current house cozy

I never knew how difficult it was to buy a current house.

My partner and I spent months going to see open houses in the area the two of us liked without any positive results.

There was consistently an issue with the house that was revealed during the inspection. My partner is a trained inspector and consistently managed to see what homeowners were hiding from potential customers. So the two of us chose to wait a little longer to get the best house. A year later, the search was over when the two of us got a current build. It was an excellent house that was up to code, in the right location, and within our budget. Not to mention, the owner had installed a current Heating and A/C component and gas gas furnace in the house. This would mean the two of us didn’t have to incur extra costs to get regular A/C in the house. My partner called a neighbor of hers to the house who was a professional A/C expert. She wanted him to evaluate the Heating and A/C component and gas gas furnace first. This would tell us if the units were in the best conditions before signing on the dotted line. In a previous house, the owner had lied that the current units were energy efficient when they were not. The people I was with and I weren’t about to be fooled twice. The A/C inspector came over that day and began evaluating the Heating and A/C component and gas gas furnace, however both were in excellent shape and would serve us well during the extreme Summer and Winter time months. His only suggestion was to add more duct sealing in our current house before Winter time to make it much more comfortable. That was an extra cost the two of us were willing to spend money since the homeowner had been truthful.