My career has informed me on my life decisions

Due to my job entirely working as a heating and A/C service tech over the past twenty years or so, I have been fortunate to have built a honestly useful set of skills…

But while several of these skills relate directly to heating and A/C, several of my other skills are able to be applied in things other than just a single thing.

An enjoyable example of this happened only a few nights ago when I was trying to teach my child how to wash up his room the right way. And for over an hour when my child was supposed to be deep cleaning his room the only thing that he was entirely doing was moving all of his dirty clothes and other miscellaneous items over to his closet and into a corner where he didn’t guess every one of us would be able to see it! With my job entirely working as a heating and A/C service tech, a thing that I take a tremendous amount of pride in is attention to detail. No matter if it is entirely working on a delicate model of a heating and A/C unit or trying to find the proper way to handle a customer, being able to do the little things the right way is seriously substantial. Fortunately after a few more hours I was able to get this point across to my child who was able to repair his mistakes from his first run at cleaning his bed. I didn’t guess that heating and A/C would teach myself and others such valuable lessons, however now that I have learned them I am proud to be able to teach them to my child as well.

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