Loose wire connections had caused the AC unit to shut off

I was glad about the speedy AC repairs

Mom was looking forward to winter. I’d promised he4r we’d come to the coast with the kids and spend a month there. I owned a beach house near her house, which I rarely got to stay in. We rented it out to vacationers, and it was an excellent source of extra income. Mom managed it and made sure it wasn’t booked during our visit. Mom called to tell me she’d gone to check the beach house the day we were traveling. She wanted to make sure we had everything we needed for a comfortable vacation. However, she found out that the cooling system wasn’t working. Mom was a little panicked but assured me she was getting to the bottom of the matter. She called a local cooling system professional to come and mend the faulty system. Since this was an emergency situation, mom didn’t mind paying extra to have the professional come to the beach house. The cooling system professional noticed there was an issue with loose wires. It’s why the indoor unit wasn’t turning on. The cooling system professional managed to locate the faulty wires and fix them, which got the unit running once more. Mom was so excited and told us the cooling system was all fixed when she came to pick us at the airport later that day. I was glad about the speedy AC repairs. That area wasn’t easy to stay in without proper air conditioning. The temperatures were even higher in summer, and I knew my kids would complain so much if the house was hot.

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