Getting the HVAC cleaned once a year

I am a bit nuts about keeping a wash house. Anytime my spouse goes away on a business trip, I clean. I shall wash the walls and the ceiling. I will wash window fans, curtains, sheets and the floor. I get it so the modern home reeks of bleach and I have to open the windows to let in natural ventilation. My spouse isn’t a giant supporter of using HVAC companies. He feels our HVAC works good separate from any care or attention. The people I was with and I just change the air filter bi-weekly and call it a day. Well anytime my spouse leaves I do call the HVAC dealer. What he doesn’t suppose won’t hurt right? I don’t love the plan of the dust, dirt and hair just sitting in my HVAC equipment, then not only is that not efficient, however it pollutes my air quality. I additionally get the air duct cleaned yearly because of the amount of lake modern home projects I do. If I don’t get the air ducts cleaned, the dust in the plan will then blow out the vents and make my sufrnces dirty. All my mopping, wiping and scrubbing will be for no reason. My spouse doesn’t guess all of us have ever had HVAC maintenance; Little does he suppose that every year my HVAC unit is cleaned top to bottom. I assume so much better knowing everything in my modern home is wash and fresh. I love when the surfaces shine and I have a pleasant odor when I walk in the door. In the grand plot of things, HVAC maintenance is not that much money for what I get.

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