A mini cut for his tools

My hubby is really taxing to buy gifts for.

The man has no wants or needs.

Well that isn’t true, I did come up with a single however it is very extravagant. The perfect gift for my hubby is Heating and Air Conditioning for his shed. He keeps all his tools and work out unit in there. The shed is insulated however there is no heating and cooling system. In the Winter he bitterly complains about being frigid when he works out. In the Summer he isn’t content because his tools and clubs have started to rust due to the humidity. I have looked around and talked to several Heating and Air Conditioning companies. What my hubby needs is a ductless heat pump. This system will heat and cool the shed without a problem. I could get a smart control device so aht my hubby could set customized temperature on his iphone or control it with his iPad. He could be alerted to humidity levels, air filter swings and energy efficient settings. All year long he could work out in perfect temperature. The upgrade of the ductless Heating and Air Conditioning isn’t too bad either. You need to drill a many inch hole in the wall and feed wires and refrigerant tubes through. Then the outdoor air compressor sits outside the building. The mini cut is harshly powerful, absolutely more than my hubby needs. I could do a straight-forward window heating and air device although I worry it will be too weak. A ductless mini cut is also much more appealing, however extravagant. I know it might be worth the high cost for a better product.

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