A mini chop for her tools

My wife is entirely hard to buy gifts for.

  • The woman has no wants or needs.

Well that isn’t true, I did come up with one but it is legitimately costly. The perfect gift for my wife is Heating, Ventilation & A/C for her shed. She keeps all her tools & work out device in there. The shed is insulated but there is no heating & cooling system. In the Wintertide she bitterly complains about being cold when she works out. In the Summer she isn’t content because her tools & clubs have started to rust due to the humidity. I have looked around & talked to several Heating, Ventilation & A/C companies. What my wife needs is a ductless heat pump. This idea will heat & cool the shed separate from a problem. I could get a smart control component so aht my wife could set customized temperature on her iphone or control it with her ipad. She could be alerted to humidity levels, air filter fluctuations & energy efficient settings. All year long she could work out in perfect temperature. The upgrade of the ductless Heating, Ventilation & A/C isn’t too poor either. You need to drill a more than two inch hole in the wall & feed wires & refrigerant tubes through. Then the outdoor air compressor sits outside the building. The mini chop is extremely powerful, entirely more than my wife needs. I could do a easy window heating & air component but I worry it will be too weak. A ductless mini chop is also much more attractive, but costly. I recognize it might be worth the high cost for a better product.


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