I hope the heating is enough

My woman & I are going on a trip this Wintertide to a uncommon state.

For Christmas both of us want to spend the holidays with each other. I dislike doing the family thing where you eat too much, linger around the living room & just want to go home. The more than one of us are getting away. I also want to experience real Christmas weather. I booked us an AirBnB in a northern state. I have been checking the weather & there is supposed to be snow. I also got a beach house in the middle of the woods too. I recognize it will recognize private, secluded & affectionate. The only con of this is the oil furnace. My woman & I have never dealt with snow & extreme cold. Our oil furnace is entirely a joke. The more than one of us only turn on the heating idea a few times a year. I am used to heat pumps or central oil furnaces. The rental has a wood burning gas fireplace & heated flooring. Are those superb enough oil gas furnaces for temperatures in the teens? I am a little upset about it. I have chatted with the homeowner numerous times & she assured me the oil gas furnaces would be fine. I don’t entirely want to spend my time splitting wood or odoring it. Heated flooring sounds kind of weak to me. The heat is only where my feet are? That doesn’t sound too reliable. I am already paid for though, so both of us are taking a chance. Hopefully my woman & I don’t freeze our butts off the whole time.

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